Divorce Planning

during and after divorce

JMM Wealth Management understands divorce is a time of emotional and financial turmoil. Financial decisions made at this time can impact your life for years to come.  Expert advice plus the right preparation can help you make the decisions that will give you the best chance to have the lifestyle you want.  JMM Wealth Management serves clients in New York and Connecticut.

The following are some common questions we will help you answer.

  • How will I survive financially?
  • What does it mean if I accept this settlement?
  • Can I afford the house? Should I sell the house?
  • What about our retirement accounts?
  • What tax liabilities will I be incurring?
  • How much support will I receive?
  • Will I have to go back to work?
  • How will this affect my retirement?

Our Services Include:

  • Financial Education – Clearly define the financial implications of dividing marital assets, including understanding of debt, tax liability and/or penalties associated with transferring and liquidating marital assets.
  • Financial Document Compiling and Organization – Compile financial documents needed to complete the marital net worth statement, capture lifestyle expenditures and project future financial needs.
  • Divorce Settlement Analysis – Compare and contrast settlement options and the financial implications of each.
  • Divorce Mediation and Collaboration- Serving as a financial neutral party.
  • Post-Divorce Services – Provide investment management and financial planning.

Our services can be used after the divorce is finalized.  We will assist you in opening new accounts and arranging for the transfer of assets. We can provide investment management and a comprehensive financial plan for your new financial life.

You may use the following downloadable form to begin the process of documenting and organizing your finances.

Divorce Questionnaire